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Armani will open new hotel in Milan

Armani will open new hotel in Milan
Armani will open new hotel in Milan

The opening date of the next hotel from Armani Hotels became known. The new hotel of the world-renowned design house will be opened on November 10, 2011 in Milan, where Armani headquarters is located.

This is the second hotel of the group, which emerged as a result of an agreement between Giorgio Armani S.p.A and EMAAR Hotels & Resort in 2005. Under the contract EMAAR Hotels is responsible for the construction, infrastructure development and management, while Giorgio Armani takes on all aspects of fashion, design and style. Armani Hotels & Resorts plans to create exclusive collection of hotels, resorts and residences in key cities around the world. And the first such hotel was opened last year in April in Dubai in the world famous skyscraper Burj Dubai. It occupies the territory from 1st to 8th floor, as well as 38th and 39th floors of the 828-meter building (in total there are 160 floors).

And now the company announces the completion of construction of the second hotel - Armani Milano. This luxurious modern hotel is situated in a prestigious area of Milan Quadrilatero della Moda (Fashion Quarter) on the Via Manzoni Street. Armani Milano will be able to offer its guests 95 luxurious rooms, luxury furniture and interior developed personally by Giorgio Armani. Accommodation prices in the new hotel will start from seven hundred Euros. Armani Milano will also have a gourmet restaurant, a superbly equipped spa complex and several meeting rooms. In addition, on the first two floors of the eight-storey building of the hotel will be located Armani brand shops, boutiques and restaurants. According to Giorgio Armani, the new hotel fully satisfies the artist’s idea of elegance, sophistication and comfort.

And only several meters from the hotel is located famous La Scala opera theatre and piazza del Duomo.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 26/09/2011

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