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New Armani hotel in Milan

New Armani hotel in Milan
New Armani hotel in Milan

On November 10, 2011 in Milan was held the grand opening of the Armani Hotels chain hotel. Opening of the hotel in the hometown of the famous fashion designer has become a landmark event and attracted the attention of famous show-business stars from around the world. To the presentation of the hotel arrived such celebrities as Jessica Alba, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Isabelle Huppert and others. At the ceremony was present the master Armani himself.

Armani Hotel Milano is the second hotel, which Armani fashion house opened under the name Armani Hotels & Resorts. The hotel was created in close collaboration with a major Middle Eastern developing company - Emaar Properties PJSC. The predecessor of the Milan hotel - Armani Hotel Dubai - became one of the main hotel sights of Dubai. A year ago opening of Armani Hotel Dubai was one of the key events in the Middle East hotel business. Today Armani Hotel Milano is trying to repeat the success this time in Italy.

Armani hotel in Milan has the potential to become a new landmark of the Italian fashion capital. It is located in the building built in 1937 by the architect Enrico Griffini. Strict building contours perfectly suit the minimalist of Italy, which is often found in the Armani clothing collections.

In the Armani Hotel Milano are 95 rooms, which are divided into 3 main types. Armani Deluxe Rooms are modest apartments with total area of 45 square meters. They are followed by spacious Armani Signature and finally, the most luxurious Armani Presidential Suites, with total area ranges from 170 to 200 meters.

In the rooms’ interior is used furniture from the Armani/Casa collection. For the bathroom decorations was imported special stone from Asia. Generally, interior design of the new hotel is aimed at repeating the elegant luxury of the famous Italian palazzos with their medieval elegance that Armani Hotel Milano combines with high-tech and modern fashion trends.

A special place at the Armani Hotel Milano is occupied by the Lifestyle Department service. Thanks to it each guest will have a private secretary, who will try to fulfill all customer needs at the highest level and as quickly as possible.

In total the hotel has 8 floors. Thus, practically all entertainment and public facilities are located on the last two floors in the glass pavilion, which is called "hut". The seventh floor is devoted to the high-class restaurants, and the eighth - for Armani/SPA.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 16/11/2011

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