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Italy on the Christmas Eve: December exhibitions

Italy on the Christmas Eve: December exhibitions
Italy on the Christmas Eve: December exhibitions

Exhibitions in Italy are held quite often on the Christmas Eve. Across the country are held dozens of events, some of which are devoted to the theme of the upcoming holiday, and some uses the consumer frenzy for their own interesting purposes. You see the list of exhibitions in Italy, which may be interesting for the tourists.

Restaura, Venice, December 1 - December 3, 2011

Restaura exhibition in Venice will be held for the seventh time. The exhibition is dedicated to restoration in all its aspects. Venice with its numerous monuments is an ideal place for such event. The main participants of the action are architects, developers, manufacturers of restoration materials and, of course, restorers, who will arrive in Venice from many countries of the world.

Mercanteinfiera Christmas, Parma, December 1 - December 4, 2011

The Mercanteinfiera Christmas exhibition will be held for the first time in Parma. The theme of the exhibition is exclusive gifts. Italians are known for their exquisite abilities to make luxurious things and at this exhibition will be gathered the best craftsmen. Visiting Mercanteinfiera Christmas is probably the best option for pre-Christmas shopping in Italy. It's a possibility to buy unique gifts that are guaranteed to be unique. Art, unique gifts and antiques are the main exhibits of the Mercanteinfiera.

ParVenue: S. P. A. Fiere Di ma, Via Rizzi, 67 /, Baganzola, Italy

CURIOSA, Modena, December 3 - December 11, 2011

Another exhibition devoted to the Christmas gifts - CURIOSA - is the largest exhibition event of such kind in Italy. Here will be presented not only gifts, but also ideas and concepts, as well as current trends that will shape the look of many gifts, which will be produced in huge amounts in the current and coming year. Among the exhibitors are boutiques, chain of hypermarkets and other large market participants.

Venue: Modena Exhibition Centre

Motor Show in Bologna, December 3 - December 11, 2011

Motor Show in Bologna is one of the largest car events in Italy. At the Motor Show will be open in total 14 exhibition halls. Among the central objects of the exhibition are "the city of electricity", Enel Electric City hall and MotorSport Arena. The program includes test drives of the leading car manufacturers and dozens of presentations.

Venue: Bologna Fair Centre

Date: 01/12/2011

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