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Street circus festival 2011 in Genoa

Street circus festival 2011 in Genoa
Street circus festival 2011 in Genoa

Christmas and New Year are traditionally considered as family holidays, which are usually celebrated at home with family and closest friends. However, there are some exceptions. Every year many tourists prefer to travel for the Christmas. The most popular direction is Italy and particularly - Genoa - a magnificent city that preserved and enhanced cultural traditions, including Christmas celebration.

From the middle of December 2011 the capital of Liguria will be greatly transformed and filled with the atmosphere of celebration and joy. Shortly before Christmas in Genoa starts the traditional Circum Navigando circus art festival, where on the central squares of the city, in the old port and the city's theaters will perform many circus troupes. And it will be interesting not only for the children as the festival attracts the best troupes from all over Europe.

Many other cultural and recreational activities will also be held during this period in Genoa. It is the Fiera del Libro book fair, where will be presented products of the leading publishing houses of the world and everyone will be able to find a book for his taste in almost any language. Christmas craft fairs will also impress guests of the city with its beautiful hand-made souvenirs, delicacies of the local cuisine, which is famous among gourmets all around the world.

Genoa is the city of the ancient palaces, temples and museums, where on Christmas are organized interesting traditional 24h excursions. So, while visiting the old church at night you can get to the classical music concert, which can be held in the courtyard by torchlight. The apogee of the Christmas holidays is the the main city tree lighting ceremony, which is held near the town hall. Nearby is located a large branch of the olive tree decorated with colored garlands. It's called Confuego and according to the old tradition is the Christmas gift of the city abbot to the Doge.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 17/12/2011

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