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Turin: the best eco transport in Italy

Turin: the best eco transport in Italy
Turin: the best eco transport in Italy

Turin, one of the largest cities in Italy and a key industrial center in the north, was considered to be the most stable city in terms of transport. Turin won the first place in the ranting of cities with the most optimal transport structure in Italy, which was compiled by the Euromobility Association.

The top position in the ranking was earned because of the perfect infrastructure of public transport, clear and precise scheme of bicycle routes, plenty of schemes for motorists, as well as environmental friendliness. Currently a large number of cars in Turin are working on gas and cause less harm to the environment than gasoline and diesel engines.

In the Euromobility rating Turin was ahead of two others metropolises of Italy - Venice and Milan, which won the second and third places.

Currently Italy has the largest number of cars in the EU. There are about 60 cars per 100 people, while the average European figure is 46 cars. The most motorized Italian cities are L'Aquila and Catania on Sicily. In L'Aquila the number of vehicles per 100 people is 72, in Catania - 71. According to the Euromobility, the dirtiest city is Naples, where about 60% of car are 11 years and older.

Thus, the ecological problem is one of the burning topics in modern Italy. It is tried to be solved by many companies including the Euromobility Association.

In total Euromobility evaluated traffic conditions in 50 cities throughout Italy. The top ten along with the three above-mentioned cities also includes Brescia, Parma, Bologna, Padua, Bergamo and Genoa. Outsiders of the rating are southern cities - Campobasso and Foggia, which occupy the last two places.

Rome - the capital of Italy - was unable to demonstrate satisfactory ecological conditions of its own transport infrastructure. New bike trails and wide pedestrian zones are now only among the future tasks of the Eternal City admonistration.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 28/12/2011

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