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Bookstores in Milan and Rome are among the 20 best in the world

Bookstores in Milan and Rome are among the 20 best in the world
Bookstores in Milan and Rome are among the 20 best in the world

Milan and Rome are well-known among the booksellers and book lovers as cities with one of the widest range of book editions in Europe. Another proof is including of the two antique bookshops in the Eternal City and the capital of Italian fashion into the list of 20 best bookstores of the world.

The rating of the best bookstores of the world was prepared by the American site Like many similar ratings it cannot be considered as the most objective. However, it can help those, who seek for unique books and want to enjoy the entourage.

The second place in the list of the best bookshops of the world is occupied by the Bookàbar shop located in one of the largest pavilions of Rome - Palazzo delle Esposizioni - in the historic city center on the corner of Via Nazionale and Via Milano. This huge store, which was designed by the Italian born in Iran - Firouz Galdo, located on an area of 450 square meters. Here can be found a huge selection of books on art, design and architecture, some of which are published in English.

It is worth noting that the Bookàbar store became a frequent participant of many ratings. The well-known travel guide Lonely Planet has included it in its ranking and gave the ninth place.

Corso Como 10 in Milan located at Corso Como 10 took the 15th position in the ranking. This bookstore has developed beyond just a book shop and offers among other things a cafe, restaurant, exhibition hall and even a tiny hotel designed for 3 rooms. Corso Como 10 is not so much a book store, but a fashionable concept of combining different kinds of shopping and recreation. The store became popular far away from the city. Today Corso Como 10 boutiques can be found in such cities as Tokyo and Seoul.

As for the leader of the rating, it is Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht (Netherlands). This shop is unique due to the fact that it was opened in the former Dominican church.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 27/02/2012

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