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The famous film director opened a hotel in Italy

The famous film director opened a hotel in Italy
The famous film director opened a hotel in Italy
Francis Ford Coppola, the author of many legendary films, including the famous trilogy "The Godfather", opened a hotel on the territory of his estate in the Basilicata region in southern Italy.

The hotel was officially opened on March 1, 2012. Palazzo Margherita hotel can be regarded as a familial estate of Francis Ford Coppola. In the nearby town of Bernalda was born the director’s grandfather Agostino Coppola. The hotel is surrounded by the vineyards owned by the Coppola family.

Palazzo Margherita is located in a building of the 19th century. The hotel was designed by one of the famous French specialists Jacques Grange. In the design was used furniture, which at various times belonged to the Coppola family. According to the hotel’s website, "in the Palazzo Margherita hotel a guest will feel more like a friend or neighbor, rather than a tourist".

The hotel was designed in the fashionable boutique style as a chamber hotel with luxury interiors. Palazzo Margherita has only nine rooms. But the hotel has its own theater, where the guests will be offered movies from the personal Coppola’s collection of 300 films.

The luxurious hotel offers its guests a large number of additional services. The guests of Palazzo Margherita can order food and beverages directly to the pool and the rooms offer a wide range of spa services.

It is worth noting that Palazzo Margherita hotel had already become famous throughout the world. Here in June 2011 was held the wedding of Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter Sofia Coppola, who is also a well-known director.

Francis Ford Coppola has already earned a reputation of an experienced hotelier and opening of the Palazzo Margherita is not the first. Currently the director owns six hotels around the world, including Belize, the United States and Argentina.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 09/03/2012

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