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Fincantieri will build new ships for the U.S. Navy

Fincantieri will build new ships for the U.S. Navy
Fincantieri will build new ships for the U.S. Navy

The Italian shipyard Fincantieri, known as one of the major companies in Europe for the construction of cruise ships, has received a large order for the warships for the U.S. Navy. Under the contract, which was transferred to the shipyard by the main contractor - the U.S. Lockheed Martin - Fincantieri will build two ultramodern LCS ships for $715 million.

Building of USS Little Rock and USS Sioux City ships will be conducted at the Fincantieri's Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin. This shipyard created the first ship of a new class - USS Freedom - in 2008. A year later Fincantieri bought this American shipyard. Currently at the shipyard is being finished the second ship of this class - Fort Worth.

In total Lockheed-Fincantieri Consortium plans to build 10 ships as part of the fleet re-equipment program.

For Fincantieri it is the second largest order received in March 2012 from the US military. Previously the company received an order to build new boats for the US Coast Guard. Under the $90 million contract, Fincantieri will deliver to the US Coast Guard 40 new boats by the end of 2013. The boats will be created as part of the US Coast Guard fleet modernization program, which provides for the construction of 250 ships.

Founded in 1959, today Fincantieri is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in Italy. The main activity of the company is construction of cruise ships. Fincantieri created ships for such well-known cruise lines as Carnival and Disney Cruise Lines. Fincantieri Marine Group is the company’s division which performs military orders and includes shipbuilding plant in Wisconsin.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 25/03/2012

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