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Top 10 richest people in Italy

Top 10 richest people in Italy
Top 10 richest people in Italy
In Italy was prepared a list of 10 richest people of the country. Their total wealth is estimated at 50 billion Euros.

Michele Ferrero is a magnate, who made his fortune in sweet production. Today Ferrero brand can be found in any supermarket of the world. According to ANSAmed portal, Michele Ferrero wealth is estimated today at 14.2 billion dollars making him the richest man in Italy and the 23rd billionaire of the world.

Leonardo Del Vecchio - his fortune based on production of Luxottica spectacles. Luxottica helped Leonardo del Vecchio to earn some points in the race of the richest Italians. Today he holds the second rank in the country with a fortune of 8.6 billion Euros.

Giorgio Armani is a famous fashion designer, who became synonymous to the "Italian style", continues to strengthen his financial position, not only for the production of fashionable clothing, but also thanks to the new areas. This year with opening of the hotel in Milan continued world expansion of the Armani Hotels & resorts hotel chain. Armani’s fortune of 5.4 billion Euros allowed him to take the third place in the ranking of Italian nouveau riche.

Another world-famous person of the fashion world Miuccia Prada is now included by the Forbes into the list of 100 most influential women in the world. Her fortune is estimated at 5.1 billion Euros.

Paolo and Gianfelice Rocca are representatives of the Italian clan, which accounts for 10% of the Techint Financial energy company. The brothers’ fortune is estimated at 6 billion Euros and 4.5 billion Euros respectively.

Silvio Berlusconi, whose name despite the resigning from the premier-minister position is gradually becoming a common noun in the history of world politics, retained his place in the Italian top ten of the rich people. Now he holds the 6th place with a fortune of 4.4 billion Euros.

Patrizio Bertelli is the general manager of the Prada corporation and husband of Miuccia Prada with a fortune of 2.77 billion Euros was on the seventh place.

Stefano Pessina is a billionaire with 1.95 billion Euros interested in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fashion in Italy continues to be a bonanza for many companies. One of the oldest is Bennetton. Benetton clan today is known worldwide for its clothing, which allowed members of the Italian family to earn a fortune of 1.5 billion Euros.

And finally, producer of unique "breathing" clothing - Geox - despite the decline in stock price allows one of its owners to remain in the list of the richest people in Italy. Mario Moretti Polegato with a fortune of 1.35 billion Euros closes the top ten.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 06/04/2012

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