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Naples will host a super regatta

Naples will host a super regatta
Naples will host a super regatta

Naples is now experiencing an unprecedented influx of tourists. It is explained by the fact that the city is going to host a stage of the major yachting regatta of the world - America's Cup World Series. About 350 thousand visitors arrived in Naples on the eve of the competition. Many of them are Italians, who decided to celebrate Easter with their relatives. However, many tourists intend to combine celebration of the Christ's resurrection with races of the best yacht crews of the world in the beautiful Bay of Naples.

During the Easter weekend the teams made "warm up" sails near the coast of Naples. The main competition of the America's Cup World Series will start in Naples on Wednesday April 11, 2012.

America's Cup World Series is a competition, which can be considered as promotional tournaments that precede the main event: America's Cup regatta, which will be held in San Francisco in 2013. Nevertheless, even such a promotional yacht racing could not reduce the level of spectators’ interest. Hotels in Naples are now booked for 91%.
Organizers have planned a series of competitions, including the two ship race and mass starts as part of the Neapolitan stage of the America's Cup World Series.

Regatta in Naples will last until Sunday of April 15. Starting from Saturday all tourists arrived in Naples will be able to get much detailed information about the Campania region and its products in a special Public Event Village pavilion located at the Villa Comunale di Napoli. On the total area of 5 thousand square meters guests of Naples can get acquainted with the famous Neapolitan cuisine and fine wines of the Campania region.

The solemn opening ceremony of the America's Cup World Series was held in Naples on past Sunday April 8, 2012. At the Piazza Plebiscito was organized an amazing light show, which turned the center of Naples into a giant aquarium.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 10/04/2012

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