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Festivals in Italy: Norah Jones and Kasabian in Lucca

Festivals in Italy: Norah Jones and Kasabian in Lucca
Festivals in Italy: Norah Jones and Kasabian in Lucca

Since 1998 rock and pop festival (Lucca Summer Festival) has been organized every summer in the ancient Tuscan city of Lucca. This year it will begin on June 29 and will continue throughout July. Lucca Summer Festival will be opened by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. The concert and its main events will be held at the beautiful Napoleon Square (Piazza Napoleone), but some bands will perform in other places of the city. Despite the fact that the music festival will take place only in the fifteenth time, it is very popular as in previous years a lot of world stars including: Elton John, Joe Cocker, BB King, George Martin, Pink, David Bowie, the Oasis and many others have taken part in the event.
The program of Lucca Summer Festival 2012 is: 4.07 - Blink 182

7.07 - Laura Pausini
14.07 - Norah Jones
15.07 - The Kasabian
18.07 - Roger Hodgson
19.07 - The Gossip
20.07 - Franco Battiato
21.07 - Duran Duran
28.07 - Tony Bennett
29.07 - The Toto

Ticket price for the show will vary from 45 to 80 Euros.

Located on the Serchio River Lucca is the only city in Italy that has fully preserved its ancient walls with eleven bastions, two of which - Torrione del Bastardo and the San Marti - in its original form. The city is full of excellently-preserved ancient monuments. Tourists from all around the world especially come here to admire the church of St. Martin (VI century), Basilica of St. Ferdinand, where are kept undecayed relics of St. Zita, as well as opera theater, which once competed with La Scala.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 23/06/2012

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