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Events in Rome and the tourist region of Lazio

The festivals and events in the tourist region of Lazio can be described as something quite special. Events in the resort region of Lazio, related to spirituality or religion in many aspects are similar to the activities in other areas of Italy, but some of the festivals are devoted to the nature and are based on history and are indeed totally different from any event of the world.

Most of the amazing festivals are held throughout the year in all tourist areas in the region of Lazio. These are major events and activities of a smaller scale. The capital of beautiful country of Italy, Rome, is always in the center of attention. But in the time of the harvest season are held many festivals and other events inside the resort area of Lazio, as well as in neighboring provinces and municipalities. It should be taken into account that one of the most popular things in the region of Lazio is wines.

If you decide to study the history of holidays in Rome and the resort area of Lazio, the most interesting for you is that under the estimations of the historians here are celebrated 93 public holidays. Love to worship, respect for people and fauna are the features of the Romans from the cradle and are the basis of their character until now. That is why the spring begins with the countless number of festivals in all areas dealing with food. As for the wedding ceremonies during the celebrations in the tourist region of Lazio, in the spring they are not uncommon. Wedding in the amazing capital of Italy is always something very special, because on no other day in the life of the Italians there are much attention and so much honor is devoted to the femininity. And it is women who are surrounded with the attention of all members of the wedding ceremony.

The year consisting of a huge number of activities in the tourist region of Lazio begins with the celebration of the Three Kings holiday, which takes place on January 6. There is also a belief that at the same time, the witch La Befana proclaims the end of the Christmas markets. The celebration of the Mimosa festival is on March 8. This holiday is exclusively for women and if the Spanish Steps are decorated with thousands of azaleas, we can say that spring has definitely came. Similarly, the miracle of Maria Maggiore is celebrated with flowers on August 5. On this day, from the cupola of the cathedral of the same name are scattered white petals here is created the impression that it is real snow.

One of the most striking and impressive celebrations in Rome and the tourist region of Lazio include Easter and Christmas, when the whole world looks at on the square in Vatican.


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