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Lazio is a region for recreation, which belongs to Rome, as Rome is a part of Lazio that is well-known with its variety. Lazio impresses with its routes, such as the Benedictine path and with its grandiose white beaches in the towns of Sabaudia and Sperlonga. Latium region attracts tourists with the recreation on the quiet lakes such as Lake Bracciano and Lake Bolsena, the rest in a trip in hilly and mountainous landscapes. Here travelers can enjoy the wine, which production is developing in the vicinity of Frascati town.

Holidays in Lazio

The region of Lazio in addition to Rome includes four more provinces: Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo. Geographically Lazio is located in the heart of Italy. It is surrounded by such well-known regions for recreation as Tuscany and Umbria, as well as regions with less prominent names of Abruzzo (north) and Campania (south).

The length of the coastline of the Lazio region in Italy is 300 km. Here vacationers are invited to many places for sea resorts, wellness, relaxing on the beach in the fishing village. And also to plunge into the atmosphere will be able excellent golfers, sailors, yacht owners, jockeys and tennis players. Fabulous beaches, tourist places and lonely bays alternate with rocky landscapes and picturesque cliffs. All this grandeur will give an unforgettable vacation in the region of Lazio.

Excursions in Rome

Rome, located in the Italian region of Lazio, is one of the most famous places with its rich sights. History, culture, events, international lifestyle, as well as the Vatican, located in the heart of the city of Rome - all this attracts the attention of tourists.

The sights of Lazio region

One of the major tours of Rome is Ostia Antica. This is the port city of ancient Rome. Hadrian's Villa and d'Este and recognized as the cultural heritage of UNESCO. Having plunged into the past for a few years ago, we will see Etruria, located in the north of Lazio region in Italy. This place is a goal for many travelers.

Entertainment in Lazio region

The volcanic mountain lakes of Bolsena and Bracciano serve as an alternative to culture, history and art. In the monasteries of Lazio, such as Subako and Montekassiino, you can enjoy the tranquility and serenity of life. Making hiking or biking tours in the hills and mountains of Lazio, for a moment we can forget that the capital of the once mighty empire lies at your feet.

Events in Rome and the tourist region of Lazio

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