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Ostia was once an independent city, which eventually became a part of Rome. Today Ostia is one of the Roman districts, the only one district that is located on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Holidays in Ostia for Romans and tourists are, probably, the easiest way to go to the beach out of the Eternal City.

At the beginning of the "beach career" Ostia was not so popular as now. In 1884 here lived relatively small number of people, who were able to colonize the coast after draining the malarial swamps. However, after opening the railway between Rome and Ostia, this city has become a main tourist area of the Italian capital. Today Ostia is often called Lido di Ostia, which means Ostia Beaches.

Ostia is often called Lido di Ostia. It was made to avoid confusion of the beach resort with located nearby Ostia Antica archaeological reserve. Ostia Antica in Roman times was the main port, through which Romans received food. It is not surprising that from Italian Ostia is translated as "mouth".

Today Ostia is separated from another area of Rome - Fiumicino - by the river Tiber. In summer on the beaches of Ostia can be seen stewardesses of many world airlines as in Fiumicino is located one of the main airports in Rome.

Ostia also has its own airport, however it is water. It was built during the fascist rule in Italy. Airport became notorious not so much because of the fascists, but due to the fact that one of the best directors of Italian cinema - Pierre Paolo Pasolini - was killed near the town.

Ostia became a part of Rome in 1976. Today the resort is separated from the urban area of the Italian capital by only a few acres of the Castelfusano park

The railway, which connects Rome and Ostia, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome. It passes the picturesque coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Every day during the high season it serves about 90 000 passengers. For example, population of Ostia is only 80 000.

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