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Holidays in Sperlonga. Beach Holidays in Italy

Sperlonga is a beach resort in northern Italy in the Lazio region located 100 km from Rome. Sperlonga hotels, villas and apartments are located on a several-mile strip of the famous Odysseus beach coastline (Ulysses Riviera), which extends between Rome and Naples. Sperlonga is considered to be one of the jewels of the coast.

The city was created thanks to the Roman emperor Tiberius. After visiting these places he appreciated the cleanliness of the Tyrrhenian Sea, bizarre shapes of the cape, it gorges, caves and San-Manio Mountains. In the cave of Sperlonga Tiberius was built the villa, which is known today as the Grotto of Tiberius. Today it is one of the main attractions in Sperlonga. Villa was discovered by chance during the construction of the highway. Today, the Grotto of Tiberius is a museum.

At the same time, despite star guests, who spent holidays in Sperlonga, this place continued to be nice and simple fishing village. Even today it looks like that. However, many former fishermen has changed fishing for tourism business. Renting of apartments in Sperlonga is often more profitable than fishing. White houses along the waterfront and on the San-Manio slopes are today not less popular among the tourists than Sperlonga hotels.

It should be noted that over the years the resort earned the reputation of one of the best regions for summer holidays in Italy. This allows counting on the highest level of services. It is obvious that prices in Sperlonga will not be modest too.

Sperlonga Beaches are several broad sandy coast strips on the Tyrrhenian Sea, which regularly receives the EU Blue Flag for cleanliness since 1998. These are Fontana, Canzatora, Salette, Bonifica, Angolo, Bazzano and Bambole. The Angolo beach is a world-wide known place, where the Grotto of Tiberius is located.

In addition to the sea, near Sperlonga are located two scenic lakes:

Sperlonga can be easily reached by train from the Roman railway station Termini to Sperlonga-Fondi. The route is located on the popular Rome-Naples direction. Tourists can get from Sperlonga-Fondi to the resort by shuttle bus.


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