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Winter activities in the region Lazio

It seems to be unbelievable, but not far from the capital of Italy, the city of Rome, is located a mountain range, which has created a beautiful center for winter sports in the heart of Italy.

These ski resorts in Italy are located north of the capital of the Rieti province and are now the main center for winter sports in central Italy. The slopes of Rieti have various levels of complexity and are suitable for both professionals and amateurs who come for the winter holidays in the tourist region of Lazio. In addition, in the region of Terminillo are held long distance cross-country ski competitions. But, unfortunately, the season for winter sports in Central Italy, in the tourist region of Lazio, is very short. The winter sports events in Terminillo begin in December and end in early or mid-March. But then in the mountain ranges of Terminillo opens the area that is like no other is suitable for trekking, climbing and traveling during the holiday in Italy.

The wonderful Italian region of Terminillo can be easily reached from Rieti. Here for tourists visiting central Italy are located several hotels, but you can also rent your own apartment. Who in turn wants to be closer to the ski area of Terminillo of the Italian tourist region of Lazio can find an apartment or a vacation home in the villages of Pian de'Valle or Campoforogna. As a rule, there is as comfortable as a center for winter sports in the Alps.

One of the most beautiful and memorable panoramic views can be observed from the road from Terminillo to Leonessa. But there is often a danger of avalanches. But after you reach this point, you can enjoy the beautiful view of one of the various ski resorts in Italy. There is another advantage, which should be considered. The capital of Italy, Rome, is located less than 2 hours away by car and the beach resort region of Lazio attract with the terms of unrivaled summer, hot sun and amazingly clear sea.


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