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Landscapes of the Lazio region

Landscapes of the tourist region of Lazio is rarely apprehended by the tourists in all its glory, in its infinite variety of nature and the undeniable magic forests, the wealth of the sea and rocks as it should have been in reality.

Surprisingly rich landscape can be viewed both in the tourist region of Lazio and along the rivers of the Italian capital, as well as along their coasts. It is said that the landscape of the resort region of Lazio was originally created by the gods. Indeed, the nature of the tourist region of Lazio has the traces of the Italian, Roman and Etruscan history, as well as traces that date back to the days of Odysseus and Aeneas, it means 1200 BC. Some places that are surprisingly nice fit today in the countryside of the resort region of Lazio are still surrounded by mystical stories.

The landscape of the coast in the tourist region of Lazio is rich in legends and myths, and whoever wishes can search the traces of history in this area along the coast of the resort region of Lazio on foot or by riding a bike. Approximately 284.5 km of the coastline of the Italian region of Lazio could be divided between the three regions, the so-called Etruscan coast, the Roman coast and the coast of Odysseus. There is another famous place, which is also split in different directions of the coast of the tourist region of Lazio – it is Linar Capo, which is located between Civitavecchia, Santa Marinella, Lido de Ostia and Fiumicino, and there is also located Maremma region between St. Augustine and Viterbo.

The tourist region of Lazio borders with the coastal islands, some of which are volcanic in origin, as well as the prominent Ponza Islands or the Gaeta peninsula. There available interesting hikes along the mouth of the river Tiber, as well as underwater volcanoes on the island and on the mainland itself. Lago di Bracciano has a wide range of proposals for recreational holidays in the resort region of Lazio, as well as sailing, diving or surfing.

Rock climbing or mountain biking trips on the wonderful landscape of the tourist region of Lazio are possible in the mountains of the central part of the country. Here you can always see the beautiful and enchanting panorama, as well as meet with the legends of the Italian resort region of Lazio, with the stories about heroes, pirates, and the Italian military. You'll be amazed when you will see in the landscape of the tourist region of Lazio real dunes. They have a length of about 20 km, they are always green and there are at least five different coastal lakes. After the Sperlonga area near the mountains tourists can enjoy the beauty of such mountains as Ausoni, Monte Aurunchi and deep gullies, clean streams and wonderful caves in the Italian tourist region of Lazio.

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