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Holiday on the lake Lago di Bracciano

Lake Lago di Bracciano is one of the most beautiful and exciting lakes in the resort Italian region of Lazio. Located 35 kilometers from Rome, but at the same time, reaching the province of Rome, the lake Lago di Bracciano is one of the priorities for the holidays, both for the Romans themselves and for numerous guests from different countries of Europe, who decided to be spent at Italian Lake Bracciano their vacations.

Lake Lago di Bracciano is an area of active pastime for many tourists coming to Italy. And this is really rare thing that there is such an abundance of proposals as on Lago di Bracciano. Lago di Bracciano is also a lake that can boast for its rich history, as well as church history. Thus, pilgrimages, or even travel through the city or to a mystical places here on Lake Bracciano, are not uncommon. A great place for this kind of spiritual journey is the eponymous town in the north of Lake Bracciano. Here, along with a fortress of Orsini-Odescalci, is located one of the most exciting secrets outside the Vatican. The city walls and the courtyard of the castle are certainly worth of visiting. It is believed that this castle is a cultural center and its main part dates back to the 13th century and you will not have the full force of the imagination to imagine this truly mysterious building.

Around the lake Lago di Bracciano there are located several small settlements and only three large areas located at a distance of 31 km. Near the town of Bracciano are located two cities of Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano.

The lake is a part of the beautiful resort area and invites you to make a trip on a horseback or a fishing trip in the Italian region of Lazio, to ride a bike around the lake or go on a family holiday with you family, or, for example, spent a so-called beach holiday in the wonderful coastline with black sand near Rome. Apartments and summer houses can be easily booked on the Italian lake Lago di Bracciano in each of the three cities or you can search the apartment when you contact the agency on the shore of the lake.


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