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Holidays on the Lake Nemi

Lake Lago di Nemi is the smallest one of the two volcanic lakes between Monti di Albano. An interesting fact is that the area in the resort region of Lazio is mostly known for its wine, but in this case this is strawberry, which grows very fast on the fertile banks of the Lago di Nemi.

Italian Lake Nemi in comparison with many other lakes in the tourist region of Lazio is really small. It is really small with the area of 1.65 square kilometers and is completely different from the others by its deep dark-blue color of the water at the depth, as well as unusual quite dark shape. Only few hotels directly border with the lake of Nemi and they can afford to give you only a brief rest. Beach holiday in the Italian tourist region of Lazio at the lake Lago di Nemi yet, unfortunately, does not exist. Nevertheless, such cities as Nemi and Grentsano di Roma invite you to spend a vacation or make a romantic trip to the nature of the resort region of Lazio. For example, if you rent an apartment or a summer house in the vicinity of the lake Lago di Nemi, the delight of the tranquility on the lake and in the forest can be compared with relaxation.

By the way, according to ancient legends, the emergence of the lake Lago di Nemi refer to the times of the Romans and the establishment of the ancient temple of Diana, the goddess of hunting. Only when the full moon and the inexpressible silence, spreading over the lake, this mysterious lake is like a mirror, looking in which Diana must always be sure of her eternal beauty. For this reason, the Lake Lago di Nemi is often called "Lo Specchio di Diana" or a mirror of the soul of Diana.

Other stories about the Italian lake Lago di Nemi refer to the times of Emperor Caligula and local naval battles, which wreckages were found even in the time of Mussolini and thus the myth was supported by the authenticity historical facts.


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