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Lago di Vico

Amazingly beautiful Lake Lago di Vico is one of the five most famous lakes in the coastal area of the tourist region of Lazio and is located near the Italian capital, Rome. Such scenic places as Ronchiglione or Caprarolaili are located on all sides of the lake and are popular tourist resorts in the region of Lazio.

The beautiful Italian Lake Lago di Vico with an area of about 18km is located 15 kilometers from the provincial capital of Viterbo in the tourist region of Lazio. Even the most expensive ports for cruise ships and ferries to Sardinia, Genoa, or even the Spanish cities of Civitavecchia can be reached within an hour from the Lake Lago di Vico. It is because of good traffic the lake Lago di Vico is a favorite tourist area in the resort region of Lazio both for tourists and Romans.

In the Cimino Mountains, where the highest point is the Mount Monte Cimino, is located the Italian Lake Lago di Vico that is filled with waters of the adjacent rivers. Initially the region has a volcanic origin, the region's nature is delicate and very beautiful, and the natural identity created many legends and stories about the lake. One of these legends describes the origin of the lake. Once Hercules was supposed to come here to prove his power. He had to lift a huge stone from the ground, since farmers could not remove it and this act was supposed to be the last in the life of Hercules. When he lifted the stone beneath it water began to bubble and there is a legend that so was created the wonderfully beautiful Italian Lake Lago di Vico.

But, nevertheless, in order to ensure the beauty of the Italian lakes, you should book an apartment or summer cottage in the area adjacent to the Lago di Vico. Here you can listen to stories and sounds of the forest or the wind that echo through the mountains and see how the morning sun shines every day the fabulous and magical world around the wonderful Italian Lake Lago di Vico.


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