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Holiday on the Ponza Islands

At a distance of about 60 km from the Eurasian continent, in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, are located the most beautiful Ponza Islands. Many people believe that part of the sea around the Ponza Islands has its own particular, incomparable with anything exciting charm.

To fully understand the Ponza Islands, the richness and diversity of its fauna, to understand the phenomena and natural phenomena, they say, you should on the one hand a little study or at least become acquainted with their history, but on the other hand - to get acquainted with the depths of the ocean, i.e. the Mediterranean. The Ponza Islands in the Italian province of Latina are ideally suit for diving amazing.

The two main islands in the ridge of the Ponza islands are Ponza and Ventotene. Besides, the island of Ponza is surrounded by a group of small and uninhabited islands. The Ponza Islands belong to the Italian Circeo National Park, which also include Palmarola, Gavi, Dzannone and, finally, rocks and cliffs. It is interesting to visit the nearby island of Santo Stefano, which was closed in 1965 and is now an abandoned island prison.

The ruling dynasty on the Ponza Islands was the Bourbons, who took care of the settlements. Thus, from the early 18th century here was possible to create public buildings, to design house constructions, construction of ports and churches, it means, was created a social structure that is primarily made possible the life of farmers and fishermen.

Those who wish to rest on the Ponza Islands should be aware that they are fully booked for the summer. You can enjoy the splendid view, the mysterious gorges and the play of color in the period from May to June and from September to October, because it is the time on the Ponza Islands when there is no any unutterable silence of the winter months and huge tourist flows.

Ventotene Island

Ventotente is a really very small area, just a few square meters, but still, an island in the Italian province of Latina, which promises to...


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