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Ventotene Island

Ventotente is a really very small area, just a few square meters, but still, an island in the Italian province of Latina, which promises to meet the demands of tourists for the best holiday. The Ventotene Island is one of the Ponza Islands and, of course, refers to the Italian National Park of Circeo.

At first glance the visitors are amazed and impressed by the wilderness of the Ventotene Island. Even the port on the Ventotene Island is a brilliant invention, almost a piece of art, because it is caved by the Romans directly in the tuff. It was long discussed how many stone had to be removed to enable the creation of this port and it is certainly almost a masterpiece.

Time is needed to understand the processes that occur on the island, why this island has such fate and where it took the possibilities. Most tourists who have decided, for example, to rent a house for the rest on Ventotene or spend the night in a hotel on Ventotene, usually travel to spend here in the Italian region of Abruzzo a beach holiday. The Ventotene Island offers for it two outstanding beaches, Cala Nave and Cala Rossano. But the island of Ventotene can be explored both on the water and under the water. For example, there are located the huge rocks sticking out of the water and produce an indelible impression.

The rural areas impress by their great ponds located on the island of Ventotene since the time of the Roman Empire. Other attractions include the Church of Santa Candiano, the old town hall as a reminder of the political exile from the time of fascism. Here, by the way, on the island of Ventotene had emerged the first manifesto of free and united Europe. The Ventotene Island includes the island of Santo Stefano, where is located the former prison, which was closed in 1965.


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