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The Italian National Park of Circeo

The Italian National Park of Circeo is located to the south of the Lido di Latina and Latina regions. It stretches along the entire coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Italian National Park of Circeo is considered to be one of the best in the tourist region of Abruzzo and, perhaps, even the most interesting and exciting nature area throughout Italy.

Since 1934, the Italian National Park of Circeo is protected by the law and it comprises approximately 8300 hectares of land in adjacent areas of Latina, Sabaudia, San Felipe Circeo and the island Zannoni, which belongs to the terrain of Ponza. In total, under the protection is about 3400 hectares of forest in Monte Circeo, four well-known Italian coastal lakes Fogliano, Monachi, Kaprolache and Paola. As part of the Italian National Park Circeo in the tourist region of Lazio are held numerous archaeological excavations, in the territory are located invaluable cultural monuments and sights.

An example is the villa of Emperor Domitian, which became one of the most scandalous sensations after it was named as one of the most amazing sights in the tourist region of Lazio in the Italian national park of Circeo.

In addition, about the Italian national park of Circeo are composed a large number of interesting myths and legends, and the heroism in many of them reminds us the history of ancient Romans, the Etruscans, the Egyptians and the Greeks. It is believed that in the territory of the Italian National Park of Circeo occurred the love stories of wizards, here Odysseus was supposed to build his cities and Homer told most of his stories.

There is also an interesting fact that the Italian national park of Circeo is a place of recreation on the water, here are allowed travels by bicycle. People often come here to watch the variety of birds in Italy. As well as Fogliano Lake, the favorite bird hunting place in winter.


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