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Ladispoli is a small resort town few kilometers from Rome. Ladispoli attracts tourists with its black volcanic sand beaches, architectural sights, some of which date back to the era of the Etruscans, as well as the subtropical greenery and an abundance of flowers.

Ladispoli is divided into several parts. It includes the mandatory for almost every city in Italy Historic Centre (Centro - Centrostorico), Miami Cheretto Campo Sportivo coastal area, Caer Vetus and San Nicolas Monteroni districts.

Among the attractions of Ladispoli are churches, castles and war memorials, natural sights, and even the Etruscan tombs. Below is given a list of Ladispoli attractions:

Giardinodelle Orchidee Spontaneedel Mediterraneo botanical garden
The Villa of Pompey in Marina di San Nicola village
Palo castle
Castelaccio Monteroni castle
Etruscan Necropolis in Monteroni
Church of the Sacred Heart
Church of the Pink Lady

There is a wide choice of hotels in Ladispoli even despite the low popularity of the resort. Here you can find a hostels, campsites, traditional family B&B hotel, as well as luxury hotels, including boutique beach hotel LaPostaVecchia located in a former palace. portal offers to book accommodation in Ladispoli online.

Ladispoli can also offer its guests many good restaurants. One of the best restaurants of the resort is Ristosteria Obbligodi Scarpetta, located right on the waterfront on the Via Regina Elena street. Among other restaurants should be mentioned L'Osteriada 'Mare on Via Aurelia, Ristoranteda Ferdinandoe Rosina on the Via Filippo Moretti Street 21 and Ristorante LaPineta Via Aurelia.

Ladispoli was quite famous town in the Italian cinema. One of the Italian film classics - Roberto Rossellini - shot several his films in Ladispoli. For this Ladispoli citizens decided to name one of the central squares into Rossellini’s honor.

Ladispoli is well known by many immigrants, who left the USSR in the 1980s and 1990s. Here was located the camp for political refugees, which had hosted many immigrants from the Soviet Union.

Like any other city in Italy, Ladispoli hosts several festivals and carnivals. The most famous and popular are the April Fair during Sagradel Carciofo Romanesco, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, as well as numerous religious processions on March 19 on the St. Joseph's Day and June 24 on the St. John the Baptist Day.


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