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Holidays in Viterbo. Sightseeing tours through the Roman surroundings

Tourists, who prefer long holidays in Rome, may be impressed by the Eternal City surroundings. The city of Viterbo promises to be one of such pleasant surprises.

Viterbo is located 80 kilometers north of Rome. The famous Via Cassia, which is now known as S204 highway), was built in the time of the Roman emperors and connects the capital of Italy and Viterbo. In the ancient Rome Viterbo was a large military camp. The Middle Ages were the golden era of the town. Today tours in Viterbo will allow plunging into the ancient Italy atmosphere. It seems that the bridge paving had fused with the harsh stone urban buildings, and that tracery arches of the papal palace only confirm its severity and antiquity. So, for example, one of the main objects of pilgrimage to Viterbo - a medieval 800-year quarter of San Pellegrino - preserved almost unchanged.

The Papal Palace is one of the main attractions of Viterbo. Since the 12th century Viterbo was chosen as the residence of the head of the Roman Catholic Church. The palace was built in the 13th century. During the period from 12th to 16th century in Viterbo were built the most famous buildings of the city. In addition to the Papal Palace it is:

- The main cathedral of the city - the Cathedral of San Lorenzo
- The Church of San Francesco,
- Albornoz fortress, where is located a museum with an exhibition devoted to the Etruscans
- Palazzo dei Priori
- The church of Santa Maria Nuova
- A fountain on the Piazza San Faustino, and a dozen of fountains throughout the city

Viterbo has not changed much during the last years. This city could be an illustration of Gianni Rodari’s tales and frivolous texts of Decameron. And it is not only for the ancient monuments, cathedrals and aristocratic mansions. Wonderful atmosphere in Viterbo is created by almost invisible details: Murano (wall paintings), cozy courtyards, trattorias and cafes. Anyway, there is no another such town in Italy, which almost fully preserved the Middle Age heritage.

Viterbo holidays are also popular due to the healing springs, which are known as the Pope's terms. Since the 14th century the church hierarchs preferred to improve their health here. Water recreation area in Viterbo starts 1,5-7 km from the town. Bulicame, Terme, TermediPalliano and Bagnaccio springs are opened for visiting in Viterbo.


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