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Mystery, religion, and shrines in the Lazio region

Forgive me dear reader that I will present here my thoughts associated with the mysteries of the Italian region of Lazio, but while I had been working on the mysteries and religion in the Lazio region, there were always more questions than answers. I was deeply moved while learning about the sanctuaries, religious attitudes, beliefs and mysteries in the Italian resort region of Lazio. The religion itself and the events in the tourist areas of Umbria and Tuscany have not made such an impression on me as the information that I have read here. Of course, I am one of the doubters, but yet I believe not only in God.

But you can decide by yourself, having made a religious or spiritual journey in the tourist region of Lazio, whether you believe or not or you still have doubts. There are such places as Lake Bolzena with the neighboring infinite forests, mountains and caves, or the sacred Valley of the Anio River (another name - Teverone). In the tourist region of Lazio there is a large number of monasteries and still happen miracles, as they say. But if you look deeper and you want to believe in these stories, discover the amazing things of nature, which without any intervention has not changed for centuries, perhaps you can do it.

There are such names as St. Benedict, St. Francis of Assisi, or Mary and the Madonna Assunta, or even St. Giovanni, who on the one hand teach humility, but on the other hand are the guardian angels of the people, take care of them and several generations have changed living with such an attitude. What's wrong with the fact that one day you learn how to love and have humility, honor sadness, fear, gratitude, respect and revere and be approved by the family, nature and all that surrounds us and enjoy all that is given to our existence on earth?

The city of the Etruscans and the archaeological excavations in the region of Lazio

When it comes to the opening of the city of the Etruscans, the town near the Italian capital of Rome in the province of Viterbo, often one can...


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The most philosophical Italian city was found
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