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The city of the Etruscans and the archaeological excavations in the region of Lazio

When it comes to the opening of the city of the Etruscans, the town near the Italian capital of Rome in the province of Viterbo, often one can guess that this city was once the greatest symbol of the former southern Etruria. On the road to the town of Etruscans there is located the most famous castle (it. Castello dell'Abbadia), which was officially built only in the 16th century, but there is still a lot of evidence that even before this castle there was the high and powerful monument.

The castle makes an indelible impression also thanks to the stone vault over the 32-meter deep ravine surrounded by wonderful landscape. It should be added that this bridge was created before the era of the Etruscans in the 4th century BC and still fits into the landscape unchanged.

The small castle was built later, during the Cistercian monks in the 13 century and now serves as a national museum. This exhibition presents, first of all, the artifacts from the area around the city of the Etruscans. There are really a very large number of impressive cemeteries. The town with its Etruscan archaeological sites near Tarquinia and Tuscany is itself the largest excavation site. During the trips to the nearby areas you can find a large number of very old roads and discover many plants, antique bricks, the remains of villas, houses and temples of the Etruscan time.

There is a widely spread view that the Etruscan some necropolises are partially looted and for some other reasons, including security, unfortunately, not all of them are publicly available. Some evidence, such as murals, can also be mainly seen in museums in the tourist region of Lazio and Rome. An interesting fact is that the largest discovered painting on the wall is a painting dating from the fourth century BC, it has a diameter of 150 meters, and became a world famous sight.


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