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Holidays in Sabaudia. Unique beach resort in Italy

Sabaudia is one of the best beach resorts in Italy. The proximity of the Circeo National Park, wide sandy beaches, as well as the history of the resort makes it an attractive place for the holidays.

Sabaudia is a resort that was built according to the Mussolini’s plan. It is called the embodiment of the Italian rationalism. Nevertheless, the Italian temperament could not be hidden by the prim fascist architects, even if they wanted to remove the arches and create the city of square angles. Today Sabaudia is a fascinating resort town that allows spending tranquil holidays on the sea coast in Italy.

In Sabaudia live just over 15 thousand people. But there are a lot of attractions in Sabaudia for such a small number of residents. Here is located the Commune Square with a 46- meter tower, the Church of Annunciata, the baptistery, the villa of the Emperor Domitian nearby the town, the famous Post Office of Sabaudia, palm avenues and one of the longest beaches of all Lazio resorts. The beach in Sabaudia is 30 miles long. However, many areas of the beach are protected from the wind by dunes. Marches were once located in Sabaudia. And the area itself is known today as the Pontine Marshes.

28 kilometers from the coast of Sabaudia is located another attraction, which attracts a lot of visitors. These are the beautiful Pontine Islands of Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene and San Stefano.

In the 60s many famous Italians spend their holidays in Sabaudia. The resort was visited by Pierre Paolo Pasolini, Alberto Moravia, Bernardo Bertolucci and others. The town residents can tell dozens of stories celebrities, who vacationed in Sabaudia.

What do holidays in Sabaudia mean today? Of course, it is sea with its beautiful beaches, yachting, diving and water skiing. Of course, it is Italian cuisine, which in Sabaudia combines culinary inventions of the north with the classical methods of the south. Of course, numerous hotels of Sabaudia, as well as mansions and agro-tourist farms. The latter are also known as B&B and offer dozens of accommodation options. Some of them can be found in the online booking catalog of the portal.


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