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Attractions in the region of Abruzzo

The specific locations of Abruzzo resort, which are the real treasures of the region, are associated with amazing sights, centuries of history and world-famous people.

The most popular sight of the Abruzzo region is its capital L'Aquila. Right here are located special and stunningly beautiful monuments of culture and architecture. A special place is the fountain (it. Fontana delle 99 Canelle). The water here springs from 99 masks. Outside the capital of the resort region of Abruzzo is waiting another wonderful place that is overturning the worldview of any person. This is the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemadgio built in1287.

One of the main attractions of the Abruzzo region is the city wall (it. Castello Forte Spangnole) built in the time of Charles V. But for many travelers to the region of Abruzzo the special places are the Adriatic Sea beaches with golden sand, which attract tourists with the color of magic, music and events. Here tourists can swim and actively engage in sports, take a walk with their children or simply relax.

A few kilometers further along the coast opens the view of the foothills of the Apennines, the delightful world of waterfalls, snow-capped mountain peaks, alpine lakes, thick forests and deep ravines. All these treasures of nature are always right here. The number of majestic buildings, luxury villas and country houses make this place not only beautiful, but also special. Monasteries, ancient castles and historic sites of excavations convince that it very difficult to determine what is the real treasure of the Abruzzo region.

Sometimes these treasures are the small regions in the resort region of Abruzzo, which please tourists with absolutely amazing places. It is worth to mention the wineries, which are at the same time the fortified towers, about which people tell mystical, but at the same time often true stories. The best example is Manoppello. This is a small, unremarkable town, famous worldwide as a city of pilgrims. In the Church Sanctuary di Manoppello is kept the sacred cloth also known as Volto Santo.

The coast of Trabocco

In the resort region of Abruzzo are located many wonderful attractions related to art and architecture, centuries of history and world...


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