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The coast of Trabocco

In the resort region of Abruzzo are located many wonderful attractions related to art and architecture, centuries of history and world religions, traditional culture and Italian life. But the coast of Trabocco is the feature that is unique and thanks to its originality this stretch of coast bears this name.

Trabocco (it. Trabocchi) is a crude wooden structure, designed for fishing. With the help of a pile of stones it is fixed in the water and is in equilibrium with a rope. Trabocco can be found on the Costa dei Trabocchi, starting with the city of Ortona and ending somewhere behind the Punta del Cavalluccio. Trabocco is a fishing structure, which only looks fragile, but is actually surprisingly sturdy. Everyone who first sees trabocco thinks that this structure does not survive the next storm or even the approaching wave, but this is only a semblance. The first traboccos were constructed in the early Middle Ages. Although it is still unknown when exactly trabocco was invented. The first time they were mentioned by a monk of the Order of Celestines Stefano Tiraboshi in 1400. But there is evidence that in the monastery of San Giovanni in Venus claim that His Holiness personally climbed the hill somewhere between 1240 and 1243 year to view them from the top.

This unusual construction, as well as houses on piles, is built of wood and consists of long poles attached to a fixed platform, from which the fisherman throws the lower part of his net into the sea. But trabocco fills the human souls with tranquility in the beautiful and romantic atmosphere of cliffs, landscapes with steep rocks, wonderful bays and pebble beaches.

Anyone who really wants to enjoy the spectacle created by the silence of nature, wind force and the attraction of the sea will remember with gratitude the vacation in the apartments in Rocca San-Giovanni or Ortona.


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