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Excursions in Valle del Vomano

The fourth Italian valley, which is worth visiting during the summer vacation in the tourist region of Abruzzo, is Valle del Vomano, known among tourists also as Sicilian valley. During this trip you will enjoy the most beautiful Italian culinary delights, dive into the centuries-old history, look at the works of contemporary art, as well as understand the fascinating and at the same time the sensitive character of Italy and, of course, find in its architecture the typical shades of the Middle Ages.

Ideal places for trips in the region of Valle del Vomano are Roseto degli Abruzzi and Pineto. One of the advantages of these places is that here you can always find a large number of varied apartments and houses for recreation.

From the very first glance the church in the region Morra d'Oro Santa Maria di Propezzano, located in the beautiful vineyards, will impress any audience. But at the same time it helps to perceive the tourist region of Abruzzo in Italy not only as a resort with a hot sun, sea and sandy beaches. These feelings arise from tourists and holidaymakers in the region Notaresco, where is located the church of San Clemente. But the tour of the surrounding area of this wonderful Italian resort of Abruzzo is better during the regional festival. That is why you should plan a trip to the towns of Castelbasso or Cantsano. Both places with centuries-old traditions and amazing Italian art welcome travelers and vacationers with their families.

We should also mention the traditional Italian art apropo. Cooking turkey at the temperature of 40 degrees in the shade, of course, is the most unique performance in Cantsano. Italian region of Valle del Vomano is also full of architectural monuments. The frescoes in the church of San Salvatore or Montegualtieri tower with its three-sided projection again and again inspire enthusiastic spectators who came to admire the sights of Italy.

By the way, the river in the valley of Vomano gave the name to the road passing along the Italian National Park Gran Sasso Monti della Laga.


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