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Summer holidays in the region of Abruzzo

The Riviera on the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo with an unforgettable summer, hot sun, beaches with golden sand and warm sea are included into travel to the Mediterranean and thanks to this, including the location of the mountains, tourists are offered thousands of options for the rest in Italy. Again and again the resort region of Abruzzo fascinates with holiday sports activities, centuries-old traditions and diverse cultural events.

In summer on the Riviera all cities and small villages prefer tourists and travelers, who arrive in the tourist region of Abruzzo. Past and present, long history and experience in organizing sports and cultural events will be a real adventure in Italy.

Vacations in the resort region of Abruzzo can be organized on your own or with a tourist group. By train (Bologna - Bari - Pescara), on the motorway, on the coastal road, by ferry, or even on your own boat, you can easily get to any resort on the coast of Abruzzo. And with docks for cruise ships travel in the region will open to you with a new, striking side of the region.

Water races, sports events, amazing concerts and magnificent exhibition venues – there are only few reasons to rent an apartment in the tourist region of Abruzzo.

Another reason to look for an apartment or house for relaxing in the spa region of Abruzzo are very interesting and exciting excursions in the valleys and mountains inside the country or just along the coast of Italy. Bike paths on the Riviera, for example, in the province of Teramo, have a length of more than 50 km. In the tourist region of Abruzzo you can see sights, which in the summer months are becoming more beautiful with the soft sunlight.

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