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Excursions in Valle del Tronto

One of the most popular trips in Italy is a trip to the Valle del Tronto. Tronto is the name of the river, where in the ancient time settled first tribes. Exactly because of this was founded one of the most popular seaside resorts in Italy in the tourist region of Abruzzo - Resort Martinsicuro.

It is a proven fact that the number of apartments and houses for vacation in the Italian resort Martinsicuro is almost as much as sand in the sea. Tourists will be interested in the fact that the apartments in Martinsicuro are certified in different ways. In other words, if you want to go to the region of Abruzzo and spend the night there, you can always choose between rest on any farm or a traditional “bed & breakfast” in the hotel. Thus, your trip to the tourist region of Abruzzo, the region of Valle del Tronto, perhaps, will be for you one of the most relaxing holidays in Italy.

By the way, Martinsicuro resort is located in the valley and is located near the Adriatic Sea. Who does not want to swim and sunbathe in the sun, can go on an excursion inside the country or in the mountains. In the nearest town, for example Colonnella in the summer are held many sporting and cultural events and performances. Of course, you can order an apartment in Colonnella, or in the nearby town of Controguerra, known among the tourists for its culinary holidays. The Italian region of Valle del Tronto is famous for its amazingly tasty wine and is home to all most famous wineries in the province of Teramo in Italy.

To meet with centuries of history and Italian art in the area of Valle del Tronto you can during the tour in the fortress of Civitella del Tronto. It is one of the most famous monuments of culture in the tourist region of Abruzzo and is located in the beautiful panorama of Valle del Tronto.


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