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Excursions in Valle del Tordino and Teramo

Even if you have not booked in time an apartment or a house for holidays in the tourist region of Abruzzo, do not worry, you can always find it within the region of Valle del Tordino. Travel in the Italian region of Valle del Tordino is definitely worthwhile, as well as trip to the capital of the province - Teramo.

Italian region of Valle del Tordino is very extensive, which guarantees you a large number of vivid impressions. Trip to Valle del Tordino is a trip for the whole family and planned family vacation on the coast of the tourist region of Abruzzo. In the town of Moscano Saint Angelo you can visit one of the largest observatories. Observatory Colle Leone is one of the attractions of the tourist area of Abruzzo. Hike to the observatory is an ideal opportunity to see close the sky, the stars and the universe.

Teramo is the capital of the Italian province of Valle del Tordino. Of course, if you came to see the cultural heritage of modern Italy, you should find an apartment in the capital of Valle del Tordino, Teramo, in order to enjoy the excursions to the tourist region of Abruzzo. The city of Teramo has, in fact, an ancient origin and attracts tourists, travelers and vacationers by the Roman amphitheater, the amazing mosaic and a majestic cathedral, which in appearance is very specific for the buildings of the Middle Ages. There are many decorations of gilded silver, which at the moment is a masterpiece of sacred art for the production of jewelry. The capital of Valle del Tordino region, Teramo, is a city, which is also the venue for various cultural festivals and sporting events.

The Italian region of Valle del Tordino at the same time is a gateway to the National Park Gran Sasso Monti della Laga, which offers tourists and vacationers unforgettable excursions in the Apennines and the ability to deal with some trendy sports such as self-climbing or hiking trips.


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