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Magella National Park

The Italian Magella National Park is rich and varied due to the amazing treasures. Mother Nature itself has left the National Park Magella the heritage of more than 1800 species of wonderful plants, and long history enriched with the amazing cultural treasures, unsurpassed scenery, unique relics and ancient monasteries.

The Italian National Park Magella is included in the territory of the tourist region of Abruzzo and is considered as the main national park in the Apennines. Depending on which side you enter the park it can greet visitors with different shades and landscapes. On the west side of the Italian Magella National Park is located at high altitude. Upstairs is located a plateau of Femina Morta. Quite a different impression on tourists makes the east side. Here by the nature are created rocks stretching far into the canyons, which are supposed to divide the Abruzzo mountain range into two parts.

In general, the Italian Magella National Park can boast of several mountain ranges, located in its territory, from Monte Morrone and Monty Pizzi. At the entrance to the National Park Magella you be given a booklet that says: "The history of mankind is mainly contributed to the charm of this park." In the park was found carved in stone abbey with inscriptions many of pastors. Equally impressive and inspiring are the stories about the caves in the Italian National Park Magella. Here can be easily found the traces of several generations and eras. The caves, located on the territory of the Italian National Park Magella were once used as a shelter for shepherds during bad weather and during the war by soldiers of various armed forces as both small and surprisingly resistant walls, which could be protected for a long time.

But apart from the mountain ranges the Italian National Park Magella has many exciting fields and pastures, which form an even more inscrutable landscape.


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