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Landscapes of the Abruzzo region

The region of Abruzzo is one of the few resorts in modern Italy, which affects a surprising, and often unique diversity of nature, both flora and fauna. From one side the resort region of Abruzzo borders with the Adriatic Sea. At the seaside resort of Abruzzo in the summer months is opened a large number of hotels and there is a large choice of apartments for tourists, travelers and people who come here for holidays.

A few kilometers from the coast of the resort region of Abruzzo extend the peaks of the Apennines. Some parts of the coast sometimes seem secluded, but here tourists can enjoy the unspoiled and striking beauty of the natural world of the resort region of Abruzzo.

The nature of the Abruzzo region awakens amazing emotions and inspires guests to their own comprehensible ones. High mountain peaks, secluded beaches with golden sand, wonderful mountain world and green oasis of nature between land and sea will not leave indifferent any person on this earth. The landscapes of the Abruzzo resort are amazingly beautiful and often create the impression that they are preserved intact, as once, many thousands years ago they were made by the mother nature. The landscapes of Abruzzo resort are the regions with unique villages, centuries-old castles, old monasteries, and, of course, pristine lakes, green parks and amazing reserves.

No matter in what area in Abruzzo region you are going to look for an apartment or a summer cottage you will have a really busy holiday, which consists of visiting historical celebrations, sacred places, big concerts, which will become your adventure that is striking your mind. You will also be warmly welcomed by the local people and will be able to visit interesting routes for travelling and to ride a mountain bike that can really convince anyone that the region of Abruzzo is the best place for recreation or just spending time.

Lago di Barrea - Holidays in the Abruzzo region

The fourth most famous lake in the resort region of Abruzzo is a magnificent lake called Lago di Barrea. It is protected by the national park...

Lake Lago di Bomba

Lago di Bomba is one of the four most famous and striking Italian lakes in the tourist region of Abruzzo. The main feature of the lake Lago di...

Lake Lago di Campotosto

The Italian lake Lago di Campotosto is the largest and probably the most beautiful lake in the tourist region of Abruzzo. Lago di Campotosto is...

Lake Lago di Scanno

Lago di Scanno is, firstly, a town in the southern resort region of Abruzzo. But at the same time, Lago di Scanno is also a lake, which is due...

Magella National Park

The Italian Magella National Park is rich and varied due to the amazing treasures. Mother Nature itself has left the National Park Magella the...

National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga

Italian National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga refers to such regions as Lazio and Marche. This is just one of four national parks in...

Regional Park Sirente-Velino

A few hours by car on the road from Rome separates us from one of the most beautiful regional parks of Italy Sirente-Velino. Surprisingly, but...

Riviera Coast of the Abruzzo region

The golden beaches of the Riviera and the 133-km long coast of the resort region of Abruzzo are the motif and an interesting target for a...


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