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Regional Park Sirente-Velino

A few hours by car on the road from Rome separates us from one of the most beautiful regional parks of Italy Sirente-Velino. Surprisingly, but it can be reached quickly from virtually any region in the territory of Abruzzo. This park is striking by its panorama and the fascinating history, traces of which can still be found here.

The capital of Rome is so close that you can see it standing on a Janiculum hill in cold but clear winter days. Then an amazing glow of snow-capped mountain peaks of Velino gets even to the heart of Italy. The Mountains of Sirente Velino don’t reach the level of massifs of the national parks of the tourist region of Abruzzo. Yet they create for tourists and travelers an indelible impression, and the Italian Velino Regional Park offers a wide range of opportunities for the rest in the tourist region of Abruzzo. Like the national parks of Abruzzo, the Italian Regional Park Velino Sirente amazes tourists and travelers by the beauty of nature, amazing landscapes and cultural treasures, which describes the long history of the resort region of Abruzzo. In Italian Velino Regional Park you can take part in excursions to the resort region of Abruzzo, do skiing and even rock climbing.

Despite the fields of pebbles on the territory of the Italian Velino Regional Park, it still amazes with a variety of rare plant species. These habitats are filled with unusual animals and rare types of flora. But apart from endemic plants there are located interesting traces of the centuries-old culture, which comes to traditional life and spectacular events taking place on the territory of the park. Also in Abruzzo you can see the excavations of medieval villages, still habitable monasteries, as well as well-preserved stone towers and castles.

For skiing in the resort region of Abruzzo you can rent an apartment in the Ovindoli or Campo Felice, as there are located slopes, which are ideal for downhills.


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