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Apulia is a region in Italy. Because of its geographical location, the region is also called the "spur of the Italian boot". Apulia is an incredibly rich Italian region. It has the rich fields, which crops that can meet the demand for vegetables and fruits of the whole Italy. The coastline of 800 km. is considered to be a symbol of the Apulia region. However, the legends in Apulia are Trullies. These are the cone-shaped stone houses. They are unique for the whole world. Today there is debate about what culture was embodied in the creation of this village.

Apulia is an ideal place for the lovers of the Italian cuisine. It is this land that is the birthplace of the Italian tomatoes. About 80% of pasta is produced in the region and exported to Europe. Fish, fennel and figs are considered to be a delicacy, as well as grown here cherries, melons and grapes. The wine that is produced in the region of Apulia, in particular, red and rose, are among the best wines in Italy.

The city of Foggia is the capital of the Apulia region. This city hasn’t much attractive places for the holidaymakers. However, due to the fact that the city of Foggia is visited by few tourists at the same time it has inexpensive Italian cuisine. Nearby Troy and Lucera are known places in the region of Apulia that are visited by the tourists. The green hilly landscapes reflect the Arab-Byzantine influence in the region. As well as various myths that gave the region Apulia fascinating attractions.

A little further south there are located white cliffs of Gargano Mountains. Numerous caves and situated in a rocky grotto shrine attract thousands of pilgrims, tourists, causing immeasurable delight. These places are taken under the protection of the National parks. National Park of Gargano also surprises with its forests and incredibly beautiful landscapes of pristine nature. Sea resorts and fabulous beaches attract tourists with families in the region of Apulia. Numerous apartments, houses, cottages, hotels at affordable prices will delight the tourists vacationing or planning to vacation in the Italian region of Apulia.


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