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Brindisi is a port city in southern Italy, where there are still many fishing boats, where people speak in dozens of languages and where the atmosphere of Italy takes the spirit of adventure, which attracts tourists to the Apennines.

Brindisi has long been a key port in Italy. Here ended one of the main roads of the Roman Empire - Via Appia. Here moored vessels from the whole eastern Mediterranean region - mainly from Greece and Asia Minor. From here the knights were sent to crusades. It seemed that Brindisi will remain the main port of Southern Italy till the end of time. However, the years passed and the city gradually lost its glory to the port of Bari. Since the golden days of the Roman Empire in Brindisi preserved only two columns, which mark the end of the Via Appia. Today Brindisi is primarily a resort.

What does it mean to holiday in Brindisi? Holidays in Brindisi: beaches, wine, history, culture and architecture. And combination of all these elements makes holidays in Brindisi interesting. Luxurious and budget apartments in Brindisi and Brindisi hotels try to attract tourists with all these elements together or individually.

Beaches in Brindisi it is a mixture of sand stripes and rocky coastline. Brindisi province offers in total 80 kilometers of the beach coastline. Much of it is occupied by hotels and inns. However, there are unique remote areas, where are offered secluded beach vacations. It is, for example, a beach in the Torre Guaceto reserve. At Brindisi resort is located one of the best beaches in the province - a long strip of golden sand well equipped for recreation.

Among the main attractions of Brindisi are the Church of Mary of the 14th century right near the international airport, the Aragonese Castle of the 13th century, where Virgil died, Alfonsino castle and the above-mentioned Roman columns. At the same time, urban landscape in Brindisi sometimes demonstrates atypical for the Italians levity to historical heritage. This primarily is concerns one of the largest airports in Southern Italy - Papola Casale - in Brindisi, which runway is located just a stone's throw from the Church of Mary.

Anyway, thanks to the airport today is very simple to reach Brindisi. So, from Moscow to Brindisi today are available flights from Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo.


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