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Emilia - Romagna

Emilia - Romagna

Due to its magic attraction power Emilia-Romagna is among the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. But on the other hand it can hardly be called so. Where opposites attract the may be combined the diversities, the creativity and a wide range of possibilities that attract tourists to spend the vacation not far from the region of Emilia-Romagna. Here you can see how the Baroque is combined with winter sports, culture with vast fields, rocky cliffs with hang gliding, Verdi with sunny vineyards and golf with the people who rest on the sea.

The location of tourist region Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna amazes with its scenery and the variety of opportunities to spend free time, it each year attracts thousands of tourists to the region between the Veneto and Liguria, as well as between Milan and Tuscany. Velvet beaches, 120-kilometer coastal landscapes and beautiful fishing villages on the Adriatic coast are the reflection of Emilia-Romagna. There are located such resorts as Rimini, Milan, Ravenna, Riccione and Catholica.

Holidays in Emilia-Romagna region

Parma and Bologna attract tourists as the so-called gateway to the Apennines. As Modena these cities retains the original works of great artists and sculptors and because of it form this incredible treasury. In addition to this in the region there is a lot of hot springs. It creates the feeling that even the air is cleaner. Thus, it is in the region of Emilia-Romagna there are a large number of resorts, where for many years are offered health and recreation travels to the so-called Beautyfarms. These services are available in resort areas of the region of Emilia-Romagna and are popular on farms near the forest of Casentino highlands, near the salterns of Cervia, which in addition can boast of the magnificent flamingos in national reserves.

Free time in Emilia-Romagna region

The man, who had come to rest actively, knows the place intended for this purpose in the region. Moreover, each traveler and bicyclist can enjoy the beautiful views. Emilia-Romagna region is famous for the trips mountain biking, free climbing, mountaineering and skiing in the Apennines. Canoeing is one of the most popular sports. Water sports in the Emilia-Romagna also include sailing, windsurfing and water skiing on the Adriatic coast.


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