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What to do in Cosenza? Where to go, what restaurants to choose in Cosenza, which Cosenza hotels to live in, what to see in Cosenza? As for the city of Cosenza, answers to all these questions, which are usually asked by designer traveler Timofei Lebedev, can be found here.

Cosenza is located in Southern Italy, Calabria, at a considerable distance from the sea, so it can’t be a beach resort. But there is, as people say in Odessa, "a lot of culture".

According to Wikipedia, in ancient times Cosenza was known as "Calabria Athens". Athens or not, but one of the first academies of Italy was founded in Cosenza in the 16th century. Since then Cosenza along with Bologna enjoys the reputation of the university city. In Cosenza is located the largest university in the region - University of Calabria.

Cosenza is a city, near which, according to the legend, is located the tomb of the Visigoth King Alaric. It is believed that in order to bury the king, the Visigoths blocked the river Busento, dug a tomb at the bottom of the river bed, buried him and then unblocked the river. Some historians believe that the Visigoths were not extravagant and buried their king according to the Christian rites, while the legend was created by the local farmers for better sales of the cheese. And the cheese is, actually, good.

In Cosenza there is a lot of Baroque and Romanesque style. The main examples are located in the center. This is the church of St. Dominic and the Cathedral. Monastery of St. Francis and the Swabian castle are also quite good, so it will be quite interesting to visit it.

Also in Cosenza is located an open air museum. And here are presented not only skulls and fragments of jars, but also contemporary art. Museum is called the Museo MAB and there are located statues of Dali and Greco.

As for cuisine, as an experiment it is advised to choose three random trattorias in Cosenza and taste pizza, pasta and seafood dish in different restaurants. But it's like "Russian roulette" and is suitable for those who do not care for their health. And for those who care, we can advise Calabria Bella, one of the best restaurants in Calabria. Or Gran Caffè Renzelli - the best in Calabria, which is owned by the same family for 200 years. Or extravagant Per ... Bacco!! Or historic L'Arco Vecchio with low ceilings, located in the 16th century house. Or simple restaurant A Giulia. These restaurants are a pride of Cosenza, so it is recommended to visit them.

Night clubs are presented by the Dinner Club, while rock and roll is available in the BEAT PUB, located in the center of the city.

As for hotels in Cosenza, it is advised to choose them on your own. Many hotels, including Cosenza, constantly change owners and their stars do not match the claimed level published in Tripadvisor or anywhere else. So we offer you to book hotels directly on


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