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Calabria is a region in southern Italy, which is located at the tip of the Italian "boot". Calabria is a region which is full of contradictions and that’s why more and more tourists come to the south of Italy. There are tourists, who say that it is that region of Calabria that more precise displays the image of Italy. It is filled with Renaissance art and unique charm that is intrinsic to this region. Calabria is unique. Every time it opens from a new side.

Ski season in southern Italy

In the nature and landscape of Italy can be seen some contradictions. On the one hand Calabria is a region where there are no forests. There is only a barren desert. Anhydrous channels cross the region of Calabria. However, in the case of prolonged or heavy rains the riverbeds can be suddenly filled with water that would rapidly run through the channels. On the other hand in the region of Calabria is located three Italian National Parks. Despite the fact that Calabria is located on the Mediterranean coast and is in close proximity to the African continent, the climate is relatively cool in early spring. In winter Calabria region is attractive as a region for winter sports. Ski season in this part of southern Italy begins in November and lasts until February. Summer holidays in the region of Calabria can be spent on a seaside of the Ionian Island. Today you can also feel the medieval ensemble of the resort region of Calabria. Tourism here has long begun to flourish.

Summer holidays in southern Italy

However, some inconveniences for tourists in the region of Calabria still exist, over which people are actively working to resolve. The administrative center of the region of Reggio di Calabria is one of the clearest examples of that. There are perfectly clean beaches, at the places for recreation there is no accumulation of cars, and a trip to Sicily makes it possible to realize you dreams of a fantastic vacation into reality. Scilla draws its magnificent panorama, the view of the cliffs, which stretch in a magical region of Calabria to Sicily. Tourists who want to make a romantic trip are recommended to visit Promontorio di Tropea. The crystal clear water and paradise beaches will enchant any tourist. Located in this region three national parks attract tourists and active sports amateurs. In the winter you can go skiing or skateboarding.

However behind some bare and seemingly lifeless facades of Calabria lies the luxurious life, which is adored by the tourist.


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