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Reggio Calabria

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Reggio Calabria is a port city in southern Italy, the capital of Calabria, located at the "toe" of the Italian "boot". In Reggio Calabria usually come those, who intend to reach Sicily by sea across the Strait of Messina.

Reggio Calabria-Messina - is one of the most popular ferry routes in Italy, which operates several times a day. So, Reggio Calabria could be called the "City of ferries", if it had not anything else interesting. However, there are some interesting things.

Reggio Calabria is a city, which stands on the site of the former Greek colony Region, one of the oldest in southern Italy. Today in the National Museum of Reggio Calabria are kept, perhaps, the most vivid evidence of that era from all represented in the city - two well-preserved bronze statues of soldiers. They are called "Riace bronzes".The statues were found in the sea near the coast of Reggio Calabria. Largely due to these statues the National Museum of Reggio Calabria (Museo Nazionale di Reggio Calabria) is considered to be one of the key attractions in the region.

Aspromonte Mountain is another symbol of Reggio Calabria. It is located just outside the city. On its slopes today is located Aspromonte Nature Park. There is also located one of the southernmost mainland Italian ski resorts Gambari.

Hotels in Reggio Calabria today receive mostly transit tourists, who travel through Italy by train or car. In Reggio Calabria stop motorists, who go to Sicily. For many of them the most vivid impression of the city is a walk along the local seaside promenade, which is one of the longest in Italy.

Restaurants in Reggio Calabria: from simple pizzas to the restaurant at the luxurious Grand Hotel Excelsior, where tourists can count on friendly service and loving attitude to the dishes, which is characteristic for the whole southern Italy. As for the better place in Reggio Calabria, where is served the best pasta is Baylik restaurant, which is also marked by the famous Michelin. The restaurant was founded in 1950. It is located on the waterfront of the Strait of Messina, and in addition to delicious cuisine offers excellent views of the sea.


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