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Scilla, vacations Scilla, Italy. Scylla: resorts in Southern Italy

Scilla is a town in Southern Italy, which during its existence has to (and is probably happy) to be in the shadow of the myth. Famous poem by Homer, which main character Odysseus passes two monsters, one of which - Scylla, serves as eternal advertising and damnation of the city. After all, who wants to go to holiday with monster? However, in reality it is not so bad.

Scilla is quite good option to spend your holidays in Italy. Scylla resort is located 22 kilometers from the capital of the Calabria region Reggio Calabria, on the coast of the Tyrrhenian strait, which separates the mainland Italy from Sicily.

Scylla is actually composed form three towns. One of them is the administrative and historical center San Giorgio, which is located above the beach. Here, in particular, is located the Ruffo castle. It is the main attraction of Scilla. The castle stands on a cliff directly above the beach bay. It was known once as a residence of the Calabrian rulers.
Another part of Scilla is a beach resort called Marina di Scilla. This part of the town has several names: Marina Grande, Lido di Scilla and Spiaggia di Scilla. Here are located the best hotels in Scilla, as well as numerous restaurants, discos and cafes. Marina di Scilla in addition to its comfortable and spacious beach is also famous for the festival of fireworks Fuochi di Mezzanotti, which is organized in honor of the town's patron saint - St. Roch.

And finally, the third part is Chianalea fishing village, where you can buy fresh fish or rent a boat for water tours. Chianalea is a unique atmospheric town, with houses built right on the beach. Houses are located so close to the water that their walls are washed by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Here in Chianalea might have lived Assol from the famous novel by Alexander Grin "Scarlet Sails".

Fishing craft is the main occupation in Scylla. This town today is known throughout Italy because of the skills of the local fishermen to catch swordfish. Swordfish is actually a symbol of the city and its image can be seen everywhere.

It is quite simple to reach Scilla. The city is connected with major cities of Southern Italy, including in Reggio Calabria, by railways. Scilla railway station is located two minutes walk from the beach. So, if you are going to organize individual tour to Italy, Scilla may be convenient for exploring exotic southern part of the country. Those, who decide to continue the journey from Scilla, should know that train tickets from Scilla can be purchased not only at the station, but also in Polifemo café at Via Nazionale 63, as well as in the Imbesi Viaggi office, which is located at Via Umberto.


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