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Crotone, holidays in Crotone, Italy. Crotone in details

Crotone is a small town in the southern part of Italy in the Calabria region. The city, which can boast of rich history and architecture, has long remained unpopular tourist destination in Italy. However, after opening in Crotone the only pier on the Ionian coast of Italy for mooring of marine vessels, as well as new airport, Crotone became one of the renowned tourist centers in Calabria. What need to know about Crotone tourists, who are going to Calabria?

Like many other cities in Calabria, Crotone was founded in the days of the ancient Greece. Today, when looking at the industrial landscape, marinas and beaches of Crotone, it is difficult to imagine that once it was considered as supplier of outstanding Olympic athletes. In Crotone born legendary strongman Milo, who was compared to Hercules in ancient Greece. Milo 6 times won the Olympics. Another legendary Crotone citizen is an athlete Astilos, who overcame the records set by invincible in those days Spartans.
Today in Crotone strongmen gave way to the football players. The city has its own football club Crotone, which plays in Italian Serie B.

Holidays in Crotone - what does this mean? Of course, first of all, it is sea vacations. Beaches in Crotone, which not so long ago became popular among tourists, now can boast of "wild" areas, developed and equipped coastal zones. Hotels in Crotone guarantee a wide range of options - from cozy small family-run hotels to high-class tourist complexes. Apartments Crotone: here you can also count on quite comfortable accommodation for lower price.

Attractions of the city include about 20-30 objects. The most famous among them is built in the 16th century castle of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Among major religious buildings is the Church of the Assumption (Duomo della Madonna dell'Assunta) of the 11th century. And numerous palazzos keep the atmosphere of aristocratic comfort. A large number of them can be found in the historic quarter Pescheria.

Crotone is a jazz city. One of its natives - Sergio Kammariere - is the famous Italian jazz pianist. In late August - early September in Crotone is held Kroton Jazz Festival.


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