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Tropea - beach holidays in Italy. Tropea: resorts in Southern Italy

Tropea is a seaside resort in southern Italy, which is particularly popular among tourists at least for one very significant reason. Each summer thousands of people go to Tropea to spend time on "The Coast of the Gods". The Coast of the Gods (Costa degli Dei) is a line of beaches along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Thanks to these beaches Tropea is one of the best beach resorts in Italy.

Tropea is a classic resort, which has no special attractions, but local atmosphere contributes to pleasant and relaxed holidays. There are also cozy streets, elegant light palazzo, courtyards with fountains, where in the shade of the trees you can have a cup of fragrant espresso.

There are very few attractions in Tropea. This is, of course, the Duomo - the Cathedral, built by the Normans. Next to it is located Bishop's Palace with Museum Diocesano and "aristocrats’ lair" - Palazzo Vescovile.

However, the symbols of Tropea are not the Duomo and palaces, but its rocks. Two rocks, standing right in front of the town center, were formerly plunged into the sea. At their tops now is located the monastery of Santa Maria dell'Isola.

For tourists from CIS countries Tropea can remind the Crimea. They are similar not only by rugged coastal area and lush tropical vegetation. Red onion has long been considered as one of the main local products.

Anyway, vacation in Tropea primarily means beach holidays. There are many both paid and free beaches. But free beaches are not absolutely free as many of them are lined with sun loungers and umbrellas, which are paid for.

Shopping in Tropea means traditional for Southern Italy souvenirs, olive oil and wine. For those, who are looking for something more unique we can advise Il Faro Presepi shop at Via Stazione, which sells miniature models that illustrate the traditional Calabrian life.

There are several ways to reach Tropea. Almost all of them start in the city of Lamezia Terme. Thus, in Lamezia Terme is located international airport, from which you can reach by bus all villages on the "Coast of the Gods". Also from Lamezia Terme you can reach Tropea by rail, which is a part of the Naples-Reggio Calabria route and which can be an attractive way to explore the beauty of Tropea surroundings.


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