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Business in Lombardy

Business is part of the Italian tourist region of Lombardy, like art is a part of Tuscany or religion in Rome, and the Etruscans can really be called a basic element of the resort area of Lazio. Given these facts it is would be reckless to assert that Rome is the heart of Italy, and Milan and Lombardy are only the brain of this beautiful country.

Those who will carefully study the fashion industry and craft in the Italian region of Lombardy, soon very clearly understand that business, trade, exhibitions and fairs are an integral part of tourist business and have a great influence on it in the resort region of Lombardy. If we talk about agriculture in the region of Lombardy, it shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly when viewed from the business and fairs point of view.

Economically, the driving force of the business trips or attending trade fairs in the Italian tourist region of Lombardy, in any case, is Milan. This beautiful city at the same time is the financial capital of Italy enjoys good reputation, especially when it comes to business meetings and opportunities to find good shopping options. Many hotels in the resort region of Lombardy and organized specifically for business hotels in Milan are often represented by historical mansions with courtrooms. This proves to every newcomer honoring of ancient traditions of hospitality related to business trips to the Italian tourist region of Lombardy, during which it almost fulfills all your wishes.

It could also be the reason why many tourists coming only for business meetings to Italy prefer the tourist region of Lombardy with its highly qualified hotels. At the top of the ranking of business travels to the resort area of Lombardy are business meetings related to fashion and car industry. Car industry, in particular Fiat and Alfa Romeo corporations, is an integral part of Italy. And Dolce Vita in Italy has an unconditional connection with the heart of this country, the city of Milan. Along with the art of Leonardo da Vinci, a resident of Milan Scala, and thousands of other masterpieces of the magnificent art and culture that have arisen as a result of this work and creations, in no doubt, stimulate business trips to the wonderful Italian tourist region of Lombardy.

Perhaps, the total figures will make you think deeper. More than 4.3 million people come here throughout the year to visit more than 100 major exhibitions in the Italian region of Lombardy.


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