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Lombardy is a region, where regardless of historical period it has always been about power, money and prestige. The heart of the world-famous and respected region beats in Milan. Milan is the fashion center, the city of art, a paradise for shopaholic and, in any case, the financial center of Italy.

The lakes and mountains of Lombardy rise above this fantastic capital of a typical Italian region. Lombardy enjoys the fame among tourists because of the mountainous terrain and exciting Upper Italian lakes. Villas in Lombardy, chalets, apartments, summer houses often look like pearls on a string on the territory of the beautiful seaside resorts, romantic and picturesque fishing villages that are located in the mountains. Even on the outskirts of the national Park Dello Stelvio the villages are partially hidden in a beautiful ensemble of fabulous villas and cottages, and this can be seen only in Lombardy. Lake Como is the most beautiful of all Upper Italian lakes in Lombardy. The lakes Lago Maggiore and Garda attract tourists by the mild climate. Small in size, but insanely beautiful and diverse are formed by a glacier Lake Orta and Lake Iseo. If we talk about Upper Italian lakes, Lago Maggiore and Lake Lugano are located on the border of Italy and Switzerland.

Over the centuries, in Lombardy were born great artists, creators and people from influential families. In Milan these are Visconti and Sforza families, whose lands, palaces and galleries overshadow with its beauty even modern buildings. While Bergomi charms to go to the mountains, Cremona is betting on the person of the amazing violin maker Antonio Stradivari, and the city of Mantua - on architects of Gongaza family, whose palaces that are famous all around the world.

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