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Nature of Lombardy

Landscapes and nature of the Italian tourist region of Lombardy is so diverse, that this resort area provides an opportunity to spend a vacation in Italy at any time of the year. Due to the differences in local climates spring in various areas of the resort region of Lombardy lasts all the year round.

While some are struggling with snow in the foothills, and others enjoy the charms of a winter holiday, at the same time, for example, on Lake Como, you can see the first blooms of orange and lemon trees. And amazing lakes in the Alpine foothills of the Italian tourists region of Lombardy make it one of the most popular resorts for leisure for many Germans and other Europeans. Furthermore, even if not all the lakes in the foothills of the Alps are belong to the resort region of Lombardy, all of them with any part of it are connected with Lombardy. Finally, the mountains on Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, as well as small lakes Iseo and Idro draw magic and even picturesque landscapes. Magic and ravishing forests of the Italian resort region of Lombardy complement this impression.

The heart of the Alpine mountain range is located in the Italian tourist region of Lombardy and is the main destination for winter and summer vacations in Italy. The Italian part of the Alps in the resort region of Lombardy is rich and can boasts of interesting stories, legends and myths, and stretch from 4000 m Bernina massif to the Oprepo area. Mountain huts, alpine pastures, green oases and rocky cliffs all the year round attract skiers and climbers to make a trip to Italy.

Totally different impression is left by 10 rivers in the Italian tourist region of Lombardy, though the longest river in Italy is located near the southern boundary of the resort area of Lombardy. Here flow such rivers as Ticino, Lambro, Adige and Oglio. It is worth noting that they form together a spectacular landscape, where absolutely free and comfortable live herons, migratory birds and some really interesting and unique species of wood.

Total in the Italian tourist region of Lombardy has the largest national park in Italy, as well as 21 regional parks and 81 small reserves. Among the parks and nature reserves here is located the largest river park in Europe.


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