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Religion in Lombardy

Religion and mysticism in the Italian region of Lombardy are not so exciting as in other areas such as Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is possible that the fashion and business, as well as some cultures and arts, developed from these two areas, left their imprint on the past and the history of this beautiful region.

Very often in religious trends in the Italian region of Lombardy tourists can find different variations of minorities. Certainly, there is a large number of Italians, many of whom live in this region and preach the Catholic faith, but still such city as the heart of Italy, Milan, the degree of international influence on the resort region of Lombardy can be recognized absolutely clearly. Here exist much more religious minorities than Italian Catholics. The usual case for Italy is that in some churches in Milan the worship and religious ceremonies are conducted both in English and Italian. There is even a small German community in the heart of Milan.

Even mosques and Islam, among others, are among the religious trends of the city. Would you believe it or not, in the community of Zen Buddhists along with the Japanese there are many Italian believers, who have adhered to this religious community.

Outside Milan there is a religious sect, Waldenses, which plays an important role in the northern Italian tourist region of Lombardy. However, it should be noted that the attitude toward Jews in the cities is still double. Although thanks to communities with high concentrations of money, for example such as Gonzaga in the Italian town of Mantua, which promotes Judaism, attitude toward Jews in the cities remained more or less tolerable. But at the same time no one is interested why in the faculties of the universities many scientists and professors belong to the Jewish faith. All Jewish religions can be found in the Italian region of Lombardy, but respect for them from time to time is a big question.


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